Frequently asked questions


Why Webflow and exactly what is Webflow?

Simply put, Webflow is the future of web design and development. Pretty bold statement, I know.

Webflow is a web design and development platform to allow for website creation with little or no hand-coding. The site is built visually, and all of the underlying code is written by Webflow in the background.

Why is this important? Hand-coding takes much longer to accomplish and maintain. Hours equals dollars. For the client, hand coding is ALWAYS much more expensive. For the developer, hand-coding takes much more time, which circles right back to 'Hours equals dollars'.

After spending many, many years creating websites, much of it hand-coding, I was glad to see a 'no-code' movement begin. I can develop a site in MUCH less time and maintenance is a breeze, oftentimes allowing me to make a change just a few minutes after I am notified of one. Most of my clients' previous developers would take a week or more to complete a small change.


Why not Wordpress?

I spent many, many years creating sites with Wordpress. I was spending so much of my time applying security patches, then making sure that those patches didn't break anything on my sites, then applying the patch that fixed the breaks that the prior patch caused. It was maddening, and there's no way I could have charged for the actual time, it just wouldn't fit my model and clients' budgets, so basically I was working for free, a lot.


Why don't you have employees?

I tend to limit the number of sites that I have at any given moment to around 20. In order to support a staff, I'd have to have many, many more sites. Some of that staff may not ever even touch your project, but you'd still have to contribute to their salaries with your fees. That's not right. Nope, I'd rather keep it simple and small. That way I can be more attentive to the clients that I have.